1) What do your kits include?

The prices in the plan book are for pre cut logs and related sealant materials. Only these materials are shipped from the factory. All other materials are best obtained by the builder from local suppliers. This ensures that materials will meet local building codes and that the customer is given a wide choice of styles and prices. Since we specialize in custom design, it only makes sense to specify and price these personal choice items after finalizing the home plans.

2) Do your prices include delivery?

Our log packages are of different sizes and are shipped to places near and far, so our price list cannot include delivery. We can give you a delivered price once we know your lot location. You may also arrange your own transportation if you wish. The logs are packaged in bundles weighing about 1000 kg (2200 lbs) each, so a fork lift or other suitable machine should be available for unloading.

3) Do logs settle as they dry?

Yes. All wood shrinks as it dries, and in a log home this means that allowances must be made for settling. Doors, windows, interior frame partitions and utility services to the second floor are all installed in such a manner to allow settling to occur un hindered. Three inches of settling over a four year drying period is not unusual, and proper allowances must be made. Even after log walls reach equilibratory moisture content, they will absorb some moisture during humid summer months and release it during the dry winter months.

4) What kind of foundation and roof must I use?

You can use virtually any standard foundation system (including basements) that is capable of supporting the imposed loads. Most log structures need no additional requirements above that of conventional construction. A roof system can be designed to suit nearly any taste. Pre –engineered trusses are convenient and readily available in most areas, or open-beam cathedral ceilings might be more what you have in mind.

5) Do north country Log homes have interior walls?

Some models feature interior walls in the main living area or where required for roof support, but it is not practical to have inner log walls throughout the house. Our planners will advise you regarding this matter.

6) How are the logs finished on the exterior and interior?

North Country Log homes recommends only proven high quality stains for finishing and protection of log homes. The finish on your new home is the most visible part of the overall project, an it is no place for experiments with odd concoctions or cheap stains available at your local hardware store. The proper finish for exterior and interior woodwork may be ordered with the log package.

7) What is your custom design service?

North country Log home s can supply a log package for almost any design. You may modify one of our stock plans or create your own unique design. We invite you to submit your custom floor plan to us for a free estimate of the log cost and finished cost. Custom plans are best drawn up on a sheet of ¼-inch graph paper showing all wall dimensions with door and window sizes. From your initial sketch we can work from preliminary floor plan to complete construction blue prints. Engineer-approved designs are available, if required. 

8) Do you make commercial buildings?

Yes. Our log system makes very unique and attractive commercial structures such as restaurants, shops, lodges, churches etc. We also cut half log siding suitable for many commercial applications, such as storefront renovations. Feel welcome to present any ideas to us.

9) What is a North Country Log Home Dealer?

Our dealers are qualified building contractors who are prepared to provide you with any combination of materials and labour to suit your requirements. They are reputable builders who share your love of fine log homes. Dealers are available, by appointment, for personal consultation to discuss your custom home. Convenient model homes may also be available for viewing. In any area where we do not have builders a dealer established, any builder should be able to erect your home with the aid of the construction manual and factory support, if required.

10) Can I do it myself?

Many North Country Log homes customers have achieved the self-satisfaction of doing some or all of the work themselves. If you have the skills and are so incline, you have this option with the approval of your mortgage lender and building permit authority.

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